Dr. Maurer Teaches in Trinidad/Tobago
During the month of June 2010 Dr. Maurer was asked to teach two summer modules at West Indies Theological College on the main island of Trinidad. Each class was an intensive course for three hours each night for two consecutive weeks. The first class was a psychology class on administration and planning of a social service agency. The second was a social work class on gerontological social work.

Being able to teach in Trinidad/Tobago was a great opportunity. Teaching in another culture presents a different set of challenges than teaching in one's own culture. Fortunately, English is the taught language on the islands, making teaching and preparation much easier. However, since most textbooks come from the United States or England, the data used and many of the examples used are irrelevant or must be changed considerably. While Trinidad and Tobago have many conveniences and modern technology, neither are available in all areas and they are not always reliable.

On the other hand, the people are very loving and kind. The students have a great desire to learn and come to class ready to learn new material and they come with lots of questions for discussion. Even though poverty is very prevalent on both islands, schools are often run down and in poor condition, and school materials such as textbooks are in short supply, the students have a good grasp of general education and are good critical thinkers. Social services are also different on the islands. For example, they have health care insurance for all citizens of the country, but they also have private doctors and private clinics for people who can afford to pay for the services. Nursing homes, senior living centers, youth centers, corrections, and other forms of assistance are all somewhat different. Overall, teaching in TT was a great learning experience and a wonderful opportunity to work with some wonderful people!

Trinidad/Tobago Consulting Trip
November 2010
After returning to the States from teaching in Trinidad during June, 2010, Dr. Maurer had the opportunity to share with numerous people about his experiences and his concerns regarding different needs about the college. After sharing with the director of special projects for Global Missions of the Church of God, it was decided that it would be good to develop a partnership between the college and Global Missions. Eventually a consulting trip was planned with a representative from Global Missions and Dr. Maurer to visit WITC in November, 2010.

The main purpose of the trip was to meet with administrators from the college and brainstorm with them about what they saw as needs and to hear their future goals for the college. The meeting was very successful and a lot was accomplished in the four days together. It was decided that a second and larger group of academic consultants would be gathered and visit the college in late spring or early summer of 2011. The consultants would represent the areas of Christian Education, Psychology, Social Work, and Theology. Other discussion centered on getting a couple from the States to move to TT to live on campus and work with the school to help strengthen their program and provide support. Work groups, student groups, and other ideas were also considered. There was also a plan made for Dr. Maurer and his wife to conduct a marriage retreat for pastors and their spouses, either before or after the consultation meetings.